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GroenLeven 10 years | Looking back

Rain notwithstanding, Monday 23 May was a splendid day – the day on which we celebrated GroenLeven’s 10th anniversary and the grand opening of our sustainable office in Leeuwarden. A day we look back on with pride and pleasure, but also with a sense of gravity, because a milestone such as this is also a token of what is yet to come; and more importantly, of what is needed to achieve that.

Aniek Moonen, chairperson of the Young Climate Movement, was spot on when she called for courage – courage to oppose climate change. We are grateful that you were there with us to reflect and show that courage for a better world for future generations.

Here on this page, we look back on a memorable day. Please browse the selection of photos of the day, watch the after movie or take a moment to reflect again on the continuously evolving landscape with the animations we showed at the opening ceremony in the presence of Leeuwarden’s mayor, Sybrand van Haerma Buma.

If you want to read more about this, please check out the accompanying news item.

GroenLeven 10 years | After movie

This is your ancestor speaking, your predecessor from the 21st century. You’re blaming me for spreading myself endlessly around the globe exploiting nature, leaving no hope for a future driving the Earth to the verge of exhaustion, draining her to the bone.
Nynke Laverman - Your Ancestor ,

We would like to thank you for your contribution to the Young Climate Movement. That is incredibly important because they are the voice of young people in the climate debate, where the future of following generations is determined. Courageous people that the world needs today. Aniek Moonen: “Courageous people who are brave enough to propagate the status quo every minute, every hour and every day. Courageous people who dare to be different, who dare to do things differently and galvanise others. Courageous people like Greta Thunberg but also like the people at GroenLeven.”

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GroenLeven 10 years | Energy landscape (animation)

We are not unfamiliar a continuously changing landscape. Indeed, the energy transition also brings about a temporary change to the landscape, albeit with the aim of preserving it.
During the programme we had a wonderful animation demonstrating this.

Want to watch again? Click here.


Don’t forget to read our Sustainability Report 2021

GroenLeven published its first Sustainability Report. As a champion of the energy transition, GroenLeven naturally has a high regard for sustainability. We are now taking that to the next level. In addition to fulfilling our role in the world of renewable energy, we want to inspire others and share our findings, our lessons-learned. We believe that the transparency shown in this report can only improve our own results. That is how we think big and do good.

Take a look at the photos of the day!

If you would like to receive one or more photos in high res for your own use, please contact our marketing department.